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By Ivey Sullivan

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Summers here again at last. The most important part of your summer make-up look is of course skin, both its colour and condition, as it’s definitely on show a great deal more.

So, unfortunately, it’s back to the eternal conundrum of pale and interesting, tan, or fake tan and choosing a foundation to match your summer glow. In my book, natural is best. If you are very fair skinned then flaunt it, but if you do decide to use a fake tan it’s best to achieve just a glow rather than trying to look like Cleopatra.

Let this be your guide for foundation and when you choose make-up match the colour to your tan, real or not. It’s alway a good idea to walk outside the shop with the foundation on your face, not your hand or arm, and check the colour in daylight before you purchase yet another expensive product that is not absolutely right.

Summer skin is all about shimmer, which looks more natural, pale or tanned. Armani have a beautiful range of embellishers that  range from a very scary looking pink that is actually a beautiful soft shimmer that, when applied on skin or top of foundation, makes skin glow. It’s best to apply with a dual fiber foundation brush that’s clean of any make-up. Use sparingly and stipple lightly over your foundation, as it’s very easy to wipe off your foundation underneath while applying. For best effect, place on the cheek bones. It comes in several subtle shades to suit everyone.

If your skin is oily, it’s probably best to stick to a powder bronzer such as Lancome. Simply sweep over the entire face using a large powder brush and blend down the neck. Powder bronzer can be used directly over moisturizer, or on top of foundation.

One word of warning if you are using a powder bronzer: it’s a bronzer not a powder to matt your skin. If you keep applying it throughout the day, you will be needing that milk bath, Cleopatra.

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